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A fairy Castle in the heart of Umbria
Perugia PG

 Dipped in the wonderful umbrian country, standing in front of the acropolis of Perugia, the Monterone Castles has been entitled a “book made of stone” written during the centuries. Starting from the 18th January 1200, date of the first known reference, the Castle enriched its furnitures during the centuries, with a rich series of ancient headstones and fictile fragments embedded in the walls. They belong to different periods, from the Etruscan to the Roman Age, from the Medieval to the age of the Renaissance. Nowadays, Monterone Castle is an historic residence with 18 enchanting rooms, each one different from another. Each room tells is own story such as ‘la Stanza dell’Etrusco ,‘la Stanza del Drago,’ la Stanza Giota’ or ‘la Stanza dell’ Opretoia’. All the rooms are dressy and studied in each detail: wrought iron handmade beds, customised fornitures made by Umbrian artisans, and equipped with every comfort.

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