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Facts about the Earth (3)

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07 Oktober-02 Dezember 2018 
Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni

"Facts about the Earth" (3)", now in its third edition, takes place within the framework of the 2018 edition of the Umbria Green Festival, which will be held from 4th to 7th October between Terni and Narni and which aims to be a collective experience of information and awareness towards the issues of sustainability, in order to look at progress and environmental, social and economic well-being in the perspective of leaving to future generations a quality of life not inferior to the current one.

In this edition of "Facts about the Earth", Claudio Pieroni, Enrico Partengo and Marco G. Ferrari will exhibit their works.

The exhibition is intended to be a reflection on the problem of land ownership and the earth's landscape: "We are not owners of the land in which we live, our nation, as a physical place, does not belong to us and the theme of migration as an experience of passage and crossing is addressed from this perspective. After all, living itself, on closer inspection, and as has been underlined by previous exhibitions, is not a stasis, a state in place, but is itself a movement, an intense adventure, a verb of motion to place.



The exhibition will be open until 2 December 2018 and can be visited at weekends or by appointment (Tel. 333 9911882 -

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