Traditionelle Rezepte



700 grams of flour 
Half a glass of extra-virgin olive oil 
250 grams of sugar
One and a half glass of unfermented grape must 
200 grams of sultanas
Aniseed at your discretion
50 grams of brewer’s yeast 


Mostaccioli are dry biscuits with grape must, of which different versions exist and are usually prepared during the months of October/November (the period of production of must). 


Sift the flour, make a well in it, add oil, sugar, sultana and aniseed.

Knead the whole and, once dissolved the brewer’s yeast in the must, add it to the dough.

Give biscuits the wished shape and bake them at 180° for about 30 minutes.  

Before serving them, dust them with icing sugar.