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Cantina Orvieto TR Lunedì - Venerdì 8.30 - 18.00 (prenotazione raccomandata) Sabato e domenica su prenotazione MOVIMENTO TURISMO DEL VINO
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In 1969 Angelo Dubini and his wife Maria Locatelli bought the property “Palazzone," starting with the reconversion of a farm in a state of semi abandonment. A pioneering period: in those same years they planted 24 hectares of vineyards on particularly suitable land; land that for centuries was destined for the best viniculture in the area, just outside the village of Rocca Ripesena. Beginning in 1982, under the guidance of Angelo’s son Giovanni, Palazzone began a journey made of small vinifications and bottling - experiences necessary to arrive at in 1988 to build the winery. Since that time it has become one of the most significant properties in all of Umbria, arrived with his nephew Pietro in the third generation.

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Loc. Rocca Ripesena 67 05018 Orvieto TR
Telefon: 0763 344921
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