Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi

Umbria's spiritual mosaic

Umbria is the land of St. Francis of Assisi and of love for human existence. It's also the land of St. Claire of Assisi, of spiritual elevation and devotion. It's a land of earthly and unearthly powers, as well as of natural colors. Umbria is all that. It's the perfect place for any couple of lovers willing to live at best their love, through a spiritual path on the footsteps of that sublime and eternal elective affinity tying St. Francis to his Claire. Getting married in Umbria means to dedicate consciously all one's life to the partner walking alongside of us.


Who is ready, in his soul, for the sacred wedding bond, can choose amongst a wide range of locations: the impressive Pope's Basilica of St Francis (Assisi), St. Felicitano's Cathedral (Foligno), St. Peter's Basilica (Perugia), Spoleto's Dome, St. Maria Assunta's Cathedral (Orvieto), St. Francis' Church (Città di Castello), St. Ubaldo's Basilica (Gubbio) and several other treasures of spiritual architecture.

Nevertheless, the journey into the Umbria's ancient spiritual roots doesn't certainly end here: swinging stages immersed in the nature contain the several spiritual paths, hidden itineraries among woods and mountain peaks such as the St. Francis' Route. It's a completely walking itinerary allowing the visitor to go through the principal stages of Francis' preaching, an interior and intimate journey to discover the Saint's words and deeds, as well as that spirit of interior peace and love for creation still characterizing Umbria.

St. Rita of Cascia is the third protagonist of Umbria's spiritual heritage. Within the monastery devoted to her, nuns offer future brides the possibility of choosing their wedding dress amongst the several ones left here as a gift, in the name of that charity and love spirit, perfectly symbolized by St. Rita of Cascia. 

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