Todi Festival

Todi Festival

The “Todi Festival”, the festival of theatre, music, visual arts and literature that established itself over the time as one of the main Italian cultural appointments, is taking place from 26th August to 3rd September. 


The schedule, rich of events, will see an alternation of performances, national debuts and concerts with important Italian and international guests: Serra Yilmaz, Chiara Caselli, Nguŷen Lê, Brenno Placido, Vittorio Sgarbi, Roberto Vecchioni, just to name a few.



Original is the Around Todi programme, that will lead to the discovery of alternative places in the town: from the Castle of Petroro to the Francisci Arena, through the former granary of Montenero and the small hamlet of Izzalini.

The Eagle´s Nest Theatre, instead, is going to host one of the main innovations of the 2017 Todi Festival: Todi OFF, an original exhibition of contemporary theatre, a real spin off of the Todi Festival, aimed at educating the audience and artists to a close relationship with the research theatre.

The Secret Gardens are another innovation: the project will open the public as well as private terraced gardens of the Todi´s historical centre so to host artists of the independent scene. Secret Gardens is based on the formula of the Secret Concert, where the viewer discovers location and artists just during the concert, led by a one-to-one communication that reveals details progressively.

Lastly, the festival is completed by a series of side events with free access and admission. 

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