Palazzo Baldeschi
Palazzo Baldeschi is situated within the small village of Paciano.

It was built in the 17th century by integrating together the numerous tower-houses of the neighborhood. It was restored in 1461 and in 1477. The structure is simple and composed, with a prevalence of terracotta and sandstone.

On the main door stands a travertine coat of arms, while inside there is a noteworthy large staircase attributed to Vignola.

The Palazzo houses a specific space for "TrasiMemo", the Bank of the Trasimeno Memory. This is a project that seeks to protect the cultural heritage of the lake area and its communities, a space to build and preserve the memory and the knowledge of craftsmanship, agriculture, food and wine, documenting the cultural processes, practices and social contexts. It is a museum with workshops and events, wood-, iron- and metalworking, textiles and the cotto tile of the Trasimeno area.

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