Visioninmusica 2017

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20 January-21 April 2017 
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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni

"Visioninmusica" is a journey across contemporary music through seven stages ranging from jazz to blues, rock to metal, also via the Brasilian Samba and the Colombian Cumbia. This event is taking place in Terni at the Gazzoli Auditorium and at the Multimedial Theatre Center, among established appointments and some surprises. 

As every year, its schedule will see on the stage the best latest trends of the international musical scene: after the opening entrusted to an excellent production organized by Erri De Luca and the Stefano Di Battista Quartet, "Trio Bobo" will go on on the 2nd February and it will present its latest album "Pepper Games", where original tracks and covers will be skillfully mixed, whereas on the 17th February the Mountain Men will perform on the Terni stage, in an unreleased rock version, together with the two new purchases Denis Barthe and Olivier Mathios.

On the 10th March, instead, it will be the turn of Kinga Glyk, the artist who is considered up to now the best Polish bass player, for then going on the 17th March with Tigran Hamasyan, an exceptional pianist, and so arriving in April to the last two concerts: "Magda Band" (07/04) and "Rimbaband" (21/04).

On the schedule there's also a plan involving schools: four educational appointments where young students coming from Terni's elementary, middle and high schools will attend interesting and very original classes-concerts.

Lastly, don't miss out on two seminars devoted to the guitar held by Guthrie Govan, master of the six strings with innate stylistical and technical flexibility, and Robben Ford, one of the most important international guitarist linked to artists such as Miles Davis, Jimmy Witherspoon, George Harrison and Joni Mitchell.

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