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Authorial Stations of the Cross

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30 March-03 April 2018 
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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno

On the occasion of the Stations of the Cross, Spello is going to turn into a real open-air art gallery: the fourteen stations celebrating the Christ’s Passion will become a source of inspiration for national and international artists who for the event are going to create paintings to place in the most significant spots of the old town. These paintings match the catholic iconography recalling each year the stations of Christ who, already sentenced to death, walked towards the Getzemani Mountain.

With departure from the Church of St. Lawrence and return to the Church of St. Andrew, the fourteen stations represent breaks in front of the pictures where listening to the evangelical message in a space where spirituality, emotion, participation and culture are going to converge and result in unique moments.

The Artworks – Authorial Stations of the Cross: Silvano D'Orsi, Luigi Virili, Giuliana Capocchia, Sergio Marini (Churchyard of St. Mary Major), Ivan Jakhnagiev, Mauro Manini, Vittorio Angini (Church of St. Michael Archangel), Brigitte Kollegger, Claudia Ciotti, Antonio Coletti (Roman Tank of the Bianconi Palace), Saro Calì, Elvio Marchionni (Castellani Local Consular Route), David Frisoni, Pasquale Martelli, Sonia Turdo (Atrium of Del Pia House), Marina Seredà, Michele Circiello, Angelo Dottori (Baiocco Atrium - Villamena), Paolo Fedeli, Stafania Orrù, Alfredo Sereni (St. Andrew Church), Dario Polvani, Elvio Maccheroni, Walter Coccetta (Town Hall – Republic Square), Nico Martelli, Carlo Rampioni (Church of St. Gregory the Great), Paola Ruggiero, Settimio Catoni (St. Biagio Church), Antonio Spinogatti, Antero Scarponi, Middle School of Spello (Chapel of Preziosi Palace), Raffaele Tarpani, Elfrida Gubbini, St. Luciola Pre-school (St. Martin’s Church), Dugo, Gianni Buono, Mauro Capelli (Church of St. John Baptist), Tullia Caporicci, Alvaro Caponi, Giuliano Grittini (Church of St. Mary Major – Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament).

The Stations:

  1. Church of St. Lawrence (interior)
  2. Largo Mazzini
  3. Republic Square
  4. Church of St. Andrew (exterior)
  5. Church of St. Mary Major (on the side of the parish church)
  6. St. Veronica Giuliani Square
  7. St. Angelo Road
  8. Consular Road
  9. Kennedy Square
  10. Consular Road
  11. Consular Road (Church of St. Bernardino)
  12. Tega Chapel
  13. St. Mary Major (on the side of the Picture Gallery)
  14. Church of St. Andrew (interior)

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