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A fairy-tale Christmas

A fairy-tale Christmas

In December, the magic of Christmas is coming back to the centre of Perugia!

This year's theme will be fairy tales: a special opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the festivities, but also to live fully the city.

In fact, each square will have the name of a fairy tale: Piazza IV Novembre will be reserved for Santa Claus who, in his shelter under the tree, will receive the letters with the children's wishes. Piazza Italia will become for the occasion the Piazza of Little Red Riding Hood.

Via Bonazzi will be dedicated to Snow White. Piazza della Repubblica will become Piazza Mary Poppins and Piazza Matteotti, which will host the skating rink, could only serve as a backdrop to the fairy tale of Silver Skates.

The calendar of events will be very rich: do not miss, on Saturday 8th December, the tightrope walker Andrea Loreni who, after the success of the last edition, will return to touch the sky with a finger.

This year Andrea Loreni, in the guise of Peter Pan, will cross 70 meters starting from the ground to reach the attic of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, on a cable lit by LED lights that make the show even more impressive.

The Christmas train will also return, while the main squares will be animated every weekend by fairy-tale characters.

Other events will be the traditional exhibition at the Fortress, the musical concerts scattered in the various locations of the historic centre and many side events for all, young and old alike!



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