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Tiferno Comics 2020

Tiferno Comics 2020

Simone Bianchi - Amazing Talent is the title of the 2020 exhibition that will be held from 12 September to 25 October in the beautiful Palazzo Vitelli in Sant'Egidio in Città di Castello. Thanks to the intuitions, professionalism and dedication of the Artistic Director, Vincenzo Mollica, and the curator, Riccardo Corbò, the initiative will aim to celebrate the amazing talent of this extraordinary illustrator appreciated all over the world with over 200 works dedicated to the greatest international superheroes.

Tiferno Comics therefore celebrates its age of majority by exhibiting the exceptional creative level of an artist destined to be included among the greatest illustrators in the world. His artistic evolution has oriented him professionally towards the universe of superheroes, outlining him as one of the names that have made the story of fantasy illustration.

Hence, the exhibition in Città di Castello is an amazing full immersion in his art. In addition to the other works Simone made expressly for the exhibition, there is his remake of the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael that naturally has as protagonists his superheroes. But, there is above all the quality of the works he has created for years for his professional world. Already on their own, these works are of a high artistic level and they can be admired in the first rooms of Palazzo Vitelli in Sant'Egidio: one is dedicated to Spiderman, one to the Avengers and one to Thor.

The following rooms host the Mutants and Wolverine and then the Marvel Heroes and the Villains. In other rooms, under the title Parallel Visions, works of Batman and Joker are exhibited and moreover, Star Wars and some Bonelli, Conan and Sharkey the Bounty commissions.

A wealth of materials that had never been the subject of a single exhibition by the artist until now. Simone is the most eclectic of the young Italian talents who have dedicated themselves to American comics. And, according to the tradition of Tiferno Comics, all this wonder will be collected in a rich catalogue.

The appointment is set for September 12, the date on which the curtain opens on the 18th edition of Tiferno Comics with the official presentation that will be held in the splendid garden of Palazzo Vitelli in Sant’Egidio at 4.00 pm.

The exhibition will be open until 25 October, on a journey to discover our favourite superheroes.

Opening hours:
10.00am - 12.30pm 
4.00pm - 7.30pm
from Thursday to Sunday 

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