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Terni Sport Events

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17-18 June 2016 

Outdoor sport, music, performance and athletics demonstrations will be the absolute protagonists of "Terni Sport Events", on the calendar on the 17th and 18th June few steps from the historical center in the Saint Valentine's city. 

The initiative, included in the Coni thirteenth "National Sport Day" and in the European Outdoor Network Experience, is going to give space to fencing, volleyball, golf, judo, archery, table tennis and canoeing with the goal of promoting Terni as "sporting city".

A lot of awaited guests, as the fencing champions Penelope Serantoni, Chiara Magni, Filippo Gulli and the judoka Fabio Andreoli.

Unmissable are, on Saturday 18th of June, the torchlight procession along the Nera river organized by the Gruppo Canoe Terni (Terni Canoes Group).