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Historical re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s Passion

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30 March 2018 
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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni

The historical Re-enactment of the Christ’s Passion will return this year with its fifth edition on schedule in Marmore on the Good Friday, the 30th March.

The long-running event involves over 100 figures and winds its way through the natural beauties of Marmore, under the soft light and themed music, at the Libero Liberati Park (Campacci).

The Stations, taken from the Gospels, present comments including quotes from Biblical texts and meditations that create a magical atmosphere belonging to another dimension, not just for the screenplay but also for the theatre stage spontaneously offered by the environmental and landscape peculiarities of the territory.

Starting from the Last Supper until the apparition of the Risen Christ to his Mother, the scenes compose themselves gradually and instantly so to allow the public not just to imagine but to “experience” the passion of Christ together with the figures, by becoming an integral part of the performance.

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