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Gubbio's Procession of the Dead Christ

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30 March 2018 
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Via della Repubblica 15 - 06024 Gubbio

The procession of the Dead Christ in Gubbio is a sacred symbolic representation of the Passion and Death of Jesus.

We are talking about a real religious tradition that has been rooted for centuries in the social and cultural fabric of the Stone's Town.

The parade will be opened by brothers dressed with sacks who will play the "battistrangole" (instruments causing a sound of scrap iron), followed by the brothers bringing the skull symbolising the Golgotha and the symbols of Passion.

Later the statues of the Dead Christ and the Lady of Sorrows, valuable wooden sculptures of the local crafts, are going to parade.

Cantors of "Miserere", popular song handed down through the oral tradition, are going to sing behind the statues of Christ and Lady.

The procession is going to cross the main town's streets, starting at dusk from St. Dominic's Church to reach Giordano Bruno Square.

During his passage, big fires will be lit in some points of the itinerary.