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Paragliding in Umbria
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Paragliding in Umbria

Paragliding in Umbria

Umbria's updrafts have been discovered over the years by practitioners of a breathtaking sport: paragliding. Several flight schools offer visitors the chance to try the sport safely, even with children. There are different departure locations and you should always check the weather forecasts so you can take flght in the best conditions.


Different heights and flight ranges are possible, all with breathtaking viewpoints over the Umbrian landscape. Here is a list of some of the best ones for practicing paragliding.


- Castelluccio di Norcia and Sibillini Mountains: the several departure and landing possibilities offer a specacular view over the plain. A flight here is a thrilling experience, especially when the plain is carpeted in flowers and their many shades of color.

- Subasio Mountain: leaving from one of the slopes of Subasio with favourable winds, you can fly over the exceptional town of Assisi, and glimpse Trasimeno Lake and the Apennine mountains in the distance. The usual landing area is in Rivotorto (Assisi).

- Pennino Mountain in Colfiorito. Pennino Mountain is on the regional border between Umbria and Marche. Here, fly over the Colfiorito's so called "plateau of silence", an important treasure chest of biodiversity.

- Cucco Mountain: this area boasts very favorable orographic and weather conditions that make departures and landings easy, so this mountain an ideal training ground both for beginners and for experts at the maximum level. It's no coincidence that the Cucco Mountain has often hosted important national and international competitions, such as the Worlds Hang-glider Championships. The departure points are in the Sigillo area.

Wherever you go paragliding in Umbria, you will admire incredible panoramas. Our advice? During your flight relax, revel in the pleasure of slipping through the air, enjoying an entirely individual emotion.