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Palio dei Quartieri

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Nocera Umbra
01-07 August 2016 
From the 1st to the 7th August Nocera Umbra seems to be suspended in time between the medieval atmosphere celebrated by the  Quartiere Borgo San Martino and the nineteenth century one brought to life by the Quartiere Porta Santa Croce: it's time for the "Palio dei Quartieri".

With historical processions, theatrical performances in the picturesque streets of the town and the Period Dinners serving medieval dishes in Borgo San Martino and nineteenth century ones in Porta Santa Croce, the "Città delle Acque" prepares itself for the highly anticipated contest.

The Gioco del Roccio, with horseback races and contests between knights, and the Gioco della Dama Infedele, divided into relay races and a sedan chair race, will decide the winner of the Palio, in a contest where sometimes skill is not enough and you need an extra bit of luck.

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