Religious celebrations

Christmas in Cascia

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Cascia, Norcia, Poggiodomo, Preci, Scheggino, Monteleone di Spoleto
01 December 2015-10 January 2016 

The Valnerina celebrates Christmas with many initiatives that joins together the holiday spirit with local traditions. In Cascia and the surrounding area, among nativity scenes and bonfires, experience the magic of the holidays in the illuminated streets of the splendid Umbrian villages.


Nativity Scenes and Live Nativity Tableaus




  • "Dal Fal√≤ alle Pasquarelle" - 12th Edition of the Nativity scenes Exhibition
    Christmas cribs, of all types and sizes, wind around the churches, cellars and characteristic locations in the historical centre of Santa Rita's town.
    From the 5th December 2015 to the 24th January 2016
  • Church of Santa Maria
    Opening of the Monumental Nativity Scene
    At the end of Midnight Mass, is the traditional unveiling ceremony of the monumental nativity scene.
    24th December


Loc. Maltignano di Cascia, Cerreto di Spoleto, Preci, Vallo di Nera, Avedita di Cascia


Live Nativity Tableaus
The magic of live nativity tableaus is enjoyed every year, throughout the Valnerina.
Accompanying these events are typically medieval flavours and sounds, with exciting choreography that brings the ancient trades of long ago back to life. Along the trail, it will be possible to sample bruschetta, cheese, polenta, sausages and chestnuts.


Other events




"Apertura Porta Santa": opening of the Holy Door at the Santuario di Santa Rita to experience the year of mercy together with the Saint of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Santuario di Santa Rita in Cascia- Holy Mass at 11:00


Monteleone di Spoleto


Festival of S. Nicola and Focone della Venuta
Every year Monteleone di Spoleto celebrates its Patron Saint with the ritual of the "Farro di San Nicola". According to tradition, the Saint passing through Monteleone, was struck by the poverty of its inhabitants and donated spelt to the town's poor. Even today, on the 5th December, the symbolic gesture is repeated with the distribution of blessed Spelt to the town's citizens.
The event concludes with the "Focone della Venuta": the night between the 9th and 10th December, in the villages and countryside of the Valnerina celebrates the Conveying of the Holy House of the Virgin from Nazareth, which took place in 1294, with the lighting of the "Focaracci" or "Fuochi" della Venuta. Since then, these commemorative bonfires have been lit to illuminate the darkness, lighting the path of the angels.
From the 5th to the 9th December



"I Faoni" o Festa delle Campane (Festival of the Bells)
9th December



"Focone della Venuta" - Commemorative Bonfire
24th December



"Focone della Venuta" - Commemorative Bonfire
9th December



"Focone della Venuta" - Commemorative Bonfire
9th December

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