La Pasqua in Umbria

The Holy Week in Umbria

The Holy Week in Umbria: among religion and popular tradition

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Easter is celebrated in all parts of Umbria with special attention to the religious ceremonies, but without forgetting the moments of celebration.

The celebrations for the Easter’s Triduum in Umbria are several, encompass and involve every spot, from the small mountain’s village to the main cities. In every part of the region, you could participate in unique and special religious and non-religious rites rooted in the past of the territory.

Religious celebrations

Other events among art, music and entertainment

On the Easter’s Sunday you will be able to participate in very funny festivals suitable both for adults and kids, taking place in different Umbrian squares: inhabitants will participate in an egg race (called in some places “Tocciata”, in other ones “Ciuccittu”). Players will arrange themselves at the centre of the square with a hard-boiled egg in their hands and will take turn in hitting the egg of the opponent. Those who will remain with an entire egg are going to continue the competition, whereas those who will have a broken egg will be out of the game. According to the tradition, who wins the competition will bring home the eggs of the defeated opponents and will share them with his family during the Easter’s banquet.

  • Ferentillo, 1st and 2nd April: "Gara de Lu ciuccittu”
  • Montefalco, 2nd April: "Gara della Ciuccetta”