Spoleto's Crescionda

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Crescionda is a typical Carnival's cake of Spoleto and its surroundings that, since its origins up to now, evolved losing the initial tastings contrasts and acquiring on the other hand a more refined taste and aspect. 

Perhaps the name derives from "oily crescia" and its origins go back to the Middle Age when the dishes with a sweet and sour contrast were preferred: indeed the ancient recipe included eggs, breadcrumbs, hen broth, pecorino cheese, grated lemon rim, sugar, grated dark chocolate or bitter cocoa. 

Today the recipe evolved and is offered in different versions, as it often happens with popular dishes: the less known Crescionda with apples, that is rarely prepared all over the Spoleto district, the "poor" crescionda and the most famous one, the three-layered Crescionda with a base of almond macaroons and flour, a central white layer, like a vanilla pudding with milk and eggs and a superficial dark brown layer with almost exclusively chocolate.