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MTB - Itinerary among the Amelia nature

A journey for lovers of trekking, mountain bike and horseback excursions among the Umbrian charming forests

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Difficulty:  Medium-difficult
Difference in height:  950 metres
Distance:  30 km

Comfortable shoes, water and an overwhelming desire to explore: that’s what you need to enjoy the best of Umbria. Among the best itineraries immersed in the greenery, we recommend you the one starting at the Rio Grande Park, few kilometres from Amelia. From here, head then towards Sambucetole, a territory rich in history and culture rising on a hill and still keeping its original hexagonal plant.

The itinerary, suitable for lovers of trekking as well as mountain bike, presents some hard stretches, characterized by steep climbs and a bumpy surface. For this reason, it’s recommended for well trained bikers and walkers.

From the Rio Grande Park, better known as Old Lake, head towards Sambucetole and start a quite steep climb on a dirt road. From here, short stretches on the asphalt alternate with other ones in the forest, but the effort is rewarded by the view over the town of Amelia. Even if far away, you can see the city walls, the cathedral and the church of St. Augustine, as well as the country church of the Lady of Five Sources who, according to an ancient legend, would have also offered a shelter to St. Francis.

After travelling about 5 km, turn left until you reach the first real tough climb of the journey. The road’s surface is rocky and that makes more difficult the adhesion of the bike’s wheels.

Once completed the climb, at the km 7.7, you deserve a moment of relax and enjoy the view over the characteristic village of Collicello. This small town, almost a guardian along the Amerina Road, is an ideal place to recover your energies and fill the flasks thanks to a small fountain located near the entrance door.

Leave behind you the village and continue your journey towards Frattuccia. Start the second climb of the itinerary that ends at the km 17. Immersed in the midst of trees and of the forest’s nuances, take the path towards Macchie and start the descent. From this moment on, the route is easier and you can reach without problems the town of Amelia.

Always paying attention to the ground that can sometimes present obstacles, at the km 22 you will find the small town of Macchie, that became famous also because it hosted Federico Barbarossa during his trip down to Rome. After a short stretch on the asphalt, go back to the dirt road and turn right by following the directions for the farmhouse Rocca Basso.

Go on for some kilometres on a plateau along a spectacular stretch winding its way through meadows and pastures. Afterwards you will enter the road of Cavallerizza, where you can enjoy the shadow of the holm oaks and benefit from the picnic area. By going on down along the path, go back again to the Rio Grande Park, so to reach our starting point.