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Italian Wonder Ways

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18-24 September 2017 

The North Road of Francisco, the Route of St. Benedict, the Lauretana Senese Road, the Road of Francisco in Valmarecchia, the Amerina Road and the North Road of Francisco are the pilgrimage routes protagonists of Italian Wonder Ways

From the 18th to the 24th September, each of the six groups made up of tour operators and agencies coming from all over the world are going to walk through a different Route and along the different steps they are going to meet the citizenship to get involved in the local experiences and activities. On the 20th September all groups are going to meet in Assisi where they could participate in the Wonder Ways event. 
It’s a unique occasion to promote villages, natural beauties, the rich historical-artistic heritage as well as the food and wine excellencies of the areas crossed by the Routes. 
It’s an idea of travel for those who love to go trekking, whether they are interested in the pilgrimage from the religious and spiritual point of view, in trekking, in the contact with nature or in the discovery of the territory in all its aspects.