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Giostra della Quintana – Quintana Festival
Giostra della Quintana – Quintana Festival

An ancient challenge, a compelling competition among performance and competition: it's the Giostra della Quintana (Quintana Festival), on the 15th and 16th June in Foligno. 

Live the seventeenth century atmosphere and let you get carried away by the enthusiasm embracing the city from the days preceding the so awaited challenge, when in the "Campo de li giochi" (Field of the games), the knights from different neighborhoods of the town confront each other by testing their skills and prowess.

Each jockey, in the saddle of his horse, tries to insert with its lance the ring hanging on the Quintana statue, placed at the center of an eight-shaped path, in a competition including three turns: at each turn, the ring diameter reduces, by getting always narrower.

The knight who finishes the path in the least possible time and without penalties wins the Palio, snitching it to his opponents.

A unique challenge preceded by the spectacular historical parade which, on the evening before the Giostra, is taking place along the roads of the center: a jump back in time among dames and knights wearing splendid baroque clothes.

A very popular event for Foligno citizens and inhabitants of near villages who, during the Quintana days, live a continuous party atmosphere by gathering in the taverns of the historical center. Join their enthusiasm and take the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes as well as to drink some good wine in the local taverns, that are already going to open their doors on the 1st  June. 


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