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The “Giostra della Quintana” - The Revenge

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14-15 September 2019 
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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
The Quintana is an ancient challenge, an exciting race mixing performance and competition, and is taking place on the 14th and 15th September in Foligno with the Revenge Carousel. 

After the June appointment, live again the 1600 atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm wrapping the city since the days preceding the much awaited competition, when in the “Games Field” the knights of the ten districts of the town face each other by showing high skills and ability.
Each rider, riding his own horse, tries to thread with its lance the ring hanging to the statue of the Quintana, located at the centre of an eight-shaped itinerary, in a race including three shifts: in each shift the diameter’s size of the ring decreases, so to get increasingly narrower.
The knight ending the itinerary in the least possible time and without penalties will win the Palio, so to snatch the prize to the opponents.
It’s a unique challenge preceded by the spectacular historical parade that, in the evening before the Carousel, will parade through the streets of the centre: a step back in time among ladies and knights in splendid Baroque clothes.
This event is very felt by Foligno inhabitants and citizens of the surrounding villages who, in the days of the Quintana, will live a constant celebration by gathering in the taverns of the historical centre.
Join their enthusiasm and take the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes as well as to drink some good wine in the local taverns, opening their doors already at the beginning of September. 

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