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Santa Spina's donation

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12-20 August 2017 

In the ancient Montone's village, the medieval traditions and flavors are coming back to life from the 12th to the 20th August, with the "Santa Spina's donation", historical reenactment sponsored by Unesco. 

Between 1470 and 1477 Carlo Fortebracci, son of the famous condottiero Braccio Fortebraccio, whilst in service of the Republic of Venice, received a thorn from the crown of Jesus Christ which he took back and donated to Montone. Today the holy thorn is safeguarded by the nuns at the Convento di S. Agnese and is displayed only twice a year: on Easter Monday and the penultimate Sunday in August.

The three rioni (districts), Porta del Borgo, Porta del Monte and Porta del Verzieri, challenge each other for victory in the Palio and elect their own Castellan, who in the actual historical event was Margherita Malatesta di Rimini, the wife of Conte Carlo, who governed Montone in his absence.

Fire-eaters, jugglers and flag throwers will animate the village streets, with people in period costumes, demonstrations of ancient trades and representations of medieval life, culminating with the Grand Historical procession of the Holy Thorn, which will bring the event to a close.