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The Barrels Race

The Barrels Race

Hostaria de la Porta and Hostaria de la Rocca are ready, also this year, to compete for the victory of "The barrels race" that will take place in Costacciaro on 11th and 12th November. 

The two opposing sides of the “Barrel bringers” are going to confront each other in the traditional competition, among taverns, typical dinners, costume parades, little drums, chestnuts and the new wine.

The barrel bringers are going to drag their barrel along an itinerary that crosses the bottlenecks, the alleys and the streets of the historical centre. The winner will be the team that will take less time in the two expected rounds.

A new feature of this year’s festival is the First Run of Barrels for Kids, always scheduled on Sunday before the traditional Run.

This new event will make this edition of the festival memorable over the years: 8 young barrels bringers for each team are going to confront each other in two time rounds along a reduced itinerary coinciding with Corso Mazzini.

During the event, as every year, each Inn organizes its own party: two evenings dedicated to the autumn flavours and to the good music. 

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