Gualdo Cattaneo

Church of Sant' Agostino

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Corso Cavour 126 - 06034 Foligno
The church of Sant' Agostino is the oldest of Gualdo Cattaneo.
It was built in 1136 by order of Benedictine monks who built besideit also a small convent. This convent was suppressed in 1652 byPope Innocent X and currently it doesn’t exists.Now there is the parish house and a housing complex belonging tothe Institute for the diocesan clergy support rented by the Armaof Carabinieri. The church, originally dedicated to the Annunziatae San Benedetto, in 1258 passed to the Augustinian Hermits: theyrestored it and they dedicated the church to Bishop of Ippona.The prior of the community was the blessed Ugolino da GualdoCattaneo. Restored in 1926, and more recently around the beginningof the 90s of the XX century, was designated as a parish church in1988. Today, however, the parish church is that of the SantiAntonio and Antonino, located in the central square of Gualdo.The original façade has a Gothic portal in pink stone and thestructure of sandstone blocks. At the center of the door, on theashlar of the keystone, it is carved the figure of the patron ofthe City of Gualdo Cattaneo, San Michele Arcangelo. The interior,with a splendid wooden beamed ceiling, contains a large fresco of1482 representing the “Crucifixion" by the School of the painterNicolò Alunno of Foligno.There is also a painting of the fifteenth century and one of theXIV century table by Master Sebastiano.

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