Vallo di Nera

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia
The church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista of Vallo di Nera was built during the XIII and XIV century.  In the XVI Century the absidiale part was enlarged and partially rebuilt(the date is engraved on the left corner of the facade).
 The façade belongs to this period as well as the bell tower, the portal and the rose window. Inside the church there are important works of art: a baptismal font of the XVI century, a fresco of 1536 by Jacopo Siculo, in the apse, the Madonna Transit, a splendid example of Raffaello School painting of the XVI century, a Pietà and symbols of the Passion of the same author , a gracious Holy Oil of 1504, many paintings of the XVI century as well as some relics covering the period from 1722 to 1814. Along the side walls of the church, finally, the fourteen stations of the "Via Crucis" dating back to 1749. On the front of the arch Jacopo Siculo painted a delicate Annunciation and the life size figures of San Sebastiano and San Rocco.