Calvi dell'Umbria

Church of San Francesco - Calvi dell'Umbria

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The church of San Francesco and the convent of San Berardo are placed approximately 500 meters far from the walls of Calvi, on a hilly crest between the valleys of Otricoli and Magliano Sabina at the intersection of the old road to Narni.

According to the tradition, they were built on a San Berardo's family-owned fund. In 1213 San Berardo was a young Calvese conquered by the preaching of San Francesco, the "Poverello di Assisi". He followed him and he was sent to bring the Gospel in Morocco, where he was martyred with five other Brothers. Since 1291 we have documentary evidences about the early church, originally dedicated to St. Victoria and about the adjoining small oratory.
Actually from the original architectural complex, the north wall, the face of the church and the small oratory are preserved. The last one is formed of two rooms, one of which is raised. In 1527 it was incorporated in the rear building after the fire and the looting perpetrated by Lanzichenecchi.
During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the church, built of local limestone, oriented in the canonical way, was restored several times. It has a square-shaped facade topped by a tympanum with the unusual presence of a single hall with a barrel vault with 10 chapels side and it preserves valuable paintings.
From the square, in front of the church, it leads to the cloister square in the center of which there is a thirteenth century well.
On the walls there are the remains of frescoes depicting scenes from the life of San Francesco from the second half of the seventeenth century.