Carnival in Umbria

The tradition of Carnival in Umbria

17 February-05 March 2019 
Carnival is the right occasion to enliven and brighten up the cold winter days: masks, confetti and allegorical floats are going to invade the streets of Umbria, among typical gastronomy and entertainment.

In Umbria many appointments are waiting for you to get immersed in the festive and colourful atmosphere of this period. Some of these events boast a long tradition, such as the Carnival of St. Eraclio or the Days of Bartoccio in Perugia, other ones instead have more recent origins, but each of them will be able to surprise and entertain adults and kids.

Furthermore, the Carnival is an extremely tasty opportunity to savour the Umbrian typical cakes of this time of the year, such as the Frappe (a dough made of eggs, flour, butter, sugar and yeast that is cut into small strips, tied with little knots and fried in the hot oil), the Perugia-style Strufoli or Castagnole, so called depending on the area of Umbria where they are prepared and of different sizes, the first ones bigger, the second ones smaller and with the shape of a dumpling (both strufoli and castagnole are fried and served soaked in Alkermes or sprinkled with honey or sugar) or the Umbrian cicerchiata, a very ancient recipe based on poor ingredients such as flour, oil and a little sugar. The only “luxury” of this last recipe is represented by honey and the colourful sugar sprinkles covering it. 





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