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Carnevale dei Ragazzi (Children's Carnival)
Carnevale dei Ragazzi (Children's Carnival)

The appointment with the Children's Carnival, this year at its 57th edition, is getting renewed in the Candles Town: on Sunday 26th February Gubbio's streets are getting animated with masked groups and floats. 

The Masks Small Train accompanied by the Gubbio's Municipal Band and the Madonna del Ponte's Musical Band are going to take part in the parade.


The day's schedule follows:

2.30 pm: gathering at the "B. Ubaldi" Youth's Stadium at the "Le Mura" shopping center.

3 pm: start of the parade along the streets and squares of the historical center (itinerary: Via Beniamino Ubaldi, Via Parruccini, Via Teatro Romano, Via Mazzatinti, Via Reposati, Piazza S. Pietro, Via Armanni, Corso Garibaldi, Via della Repubblica, Piazza 40 Martiri).

5.30 pm: award of the 19th Best Mask Trophy "Miozzi Stefano Goldsmith Prize".

6 pm: end of the festival and award ceremony in piazza 40 Martiri. 

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