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Perugia. Etruscan Bronzes at Archaeological Museum of Umbria

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29 January-16 December 2015 
Etruscan bronzes of San Mariano

Last January at the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, a new exhibition hall was inaugurated and set up with the Etruscan bronzes of San Mariano. There are 275 pieces, of various types, 180 of which belong to the Museum, recovered by chance in April 1812 in the territory of Corciano and now all on display for the first time. Following recent and more in-depth research into the archives, it has also been possible to identify the precise place in which they were found.

The entire group of materials, partially split up and kept in various European museums, has been interpreted by professor Vermiglioli, director of the Museum of Perugia, as the burial of an Etruscan prince, highlighting the presence of a sumptuous triumphal chariot.

The in-depth recognition of the findings at the new exhibition, does not, in reality, make it possible to establish whether it the burial was a single one or if it was a family tomb or several tombs, or a hiding place for precious materials, which can be dated somewhere between 560 and 500 BC.

The layout, which takes advantage of new, specially designed, self-lighting showcases, now allows for optimal reading of the details on each single object, offering the visitor the possibility to appreciate the excellent quality of the artefacts, an element of excellence of archaic Etruscan bronze objects. As well as the pieces on show, grouped into fifteen showcases, there are associated life-size photos of the exhibits belonging to the other museums.

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