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At the Morlacchi with the POST

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24 February-04 October 2015 

In Perugia, for the entire 2014/2015 Prose Season at the Teatro Morlacchi theatre, children will be able to accompany Mum and Dad!

Finally, children will be able to go to theatre with Mum and Dad because, during the show, the expert entertainers of the POST will accompany them to explore the theatre and discover the stories it has to tell, from every angle, including a scientific one.

For all 11 shows on the billboard at the Morlacchi Theatre, every Saturday afternoon from 18:00 to 20:00, while the theatrical performance is under way, the POST workers will guide children aged from 5 to the 11 years in investigation games, treasure hunts and theatre-science itineraries inspired by the theme of the show on stage at the time.

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